Cosmetic Tummy Tuck

June 19th, 2010
The cosmetic tummy tuck is gaining popularity over the previous popular liposuction surgery. This is a major surgery and requires an expert surgeon to make it a success. Results are always well assured through this procedure. These results have only made this procedure a better choice over liposuction. People all around the world are slowly understanding the benefits of this surgery and are recommending it to their friends and family. Family physicians are now starting to recommend this procedure to their patients. Family physicians and tummy tuck surgeons play a vital role in making this surgery a great success.

A cosmetic tummy tuck surgery can be completed anywhere between one and five hours depending on the complexity and individual’s health condition. This necessity of the surgery will be identified first by a family physician and then a consultation with the surgeon will help give an understanding of what needs to be done. After consultation, the surgery will be scheduled and the surgeon will proceed with the surgery. Surgery always involves local or general anesthesia and in few instances may required an over night stay at the hospital following the surgery. In most cases, the patient will be sent home immediately following the surgery. Once the surgery is finished, and the recovery period is over, the rest depends on patient and family physician.

Cosmetic tummy tucks do require a recovery period of two to six weeks depending on the many different factors of the patient. Complete healing will be accomplished fast if the patient’s health condition well supports it. Physicians will play a major role in the recovery period. Physician will observe any post surgery risks like infection, bruises and swelling. All possible risks will be easily controlled through the help of prescription drugs. Antibiotics will result as a great help in controlling these post surgery side effects.

Cosmetic tummy tuck results are permanent. The surgery does also leave a permanent scar just above the bikini line. The patient can carry out the benefits with a good exercise regime and healthy diet plan. Family physicians will always result as a great help in continuing the accomplished results of this surgery. Keeping in constant contact with a family physician will help you understand the developments taking place with your body.



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