Gastric Bypass Tummy Tuck

June 18th, 2010
Often after gastric bypass surgery, an individual will loose 75lbs or more. This situation often requires an individual to get a gastric bypass tummy tuck. The excessive skin left from the gastric bypass surgery will often hang down and make it quite insightful. The skin is usually too stretched out that it cannot shrink back after the surgery. So the surgeon will often propose a tummy tuck surgery at the same time. This surgery usually leaves the patient with tighter abdominal muscles also. These surgeries will give immediate results from weight discomforts.
Gastric bypass tummy tuck is essential after gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is a major, invasive surgery. There are three methods of gastric bypass surgery available for the patient. The duration of the surgery is very long and requires several days of hospitalization. Due to the severity of the bypass surgery, the tummy tuck surgery is usually not carried out by the surgeon until one year after the completion of the gastric bypass surgery. In some cases, this time may be extended to more than one year but the tummy tuck surgery will be carried out for the gastric bypass patient’s compulsorily.

The tummy tuck procedure required time will be decided based upon the patient’s recovery from the gastric bypass surgery. The recovery period from gastric bypass surgery is essential in deciding this matter. After the completion of the tummy tuck procedure, the gastric bypass surgery is said to be complete.

Gastric bypass tummy tuck will often be covered under health insurance but the general tummy tuck procedure cannot be covered. As this gastric bypass surgery demands the need of a tummy tuck, this is considered medically necessary and not an elective procedure. Gastric bypass surgery and tummy tuck surgery are both invasive procedures and the surgeon will use utmost care while performing these two surgeries. Tummy tuck surgery is the best add-on to the gastric bypass surgery, keeping in mind the corrections it will bring to the disfigured abdomen.





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