Infection and Surgical Seroma

April 7th, 2011

Tummy tuck procedures can lead to side effects like hematoma and tummy tuck seroma. These are normal occurrences during an operation and can easily be cured with proper medications. If you have had other surgical procedures and you are now afraid of being confronted with certain physiological side effects, there is good news! They are now easily controllable are actually quite normal.

Any bleeding, such as severe hemorrhaging, must be taken very seriously as this can lead to horrible infections and may even cause death. If seroma ever happens after an operation, it should be immediately treated as it develops. It is very normal for the body to access liquids after an operation but this particular issue requires immediate attention. Tummy tuck seroma can lasts for a few weeks and some have even struggled with them for months. Doctors have the best knowledge and procedures for properly eliminating the liquid. When your body has slow production of liquids, the body heals.

Tummy tuck seroma does not necessarily affect the operation. The seroma fluid will have a little composition of blood and will eventually become clear as time passes and the healing continues. After few series of aspirations, which is the process of collecting accumulated liquid seroma, it is expected to diminish quickly so you can feel wonderful about your exciting new figure.

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