Mini Tummy Tuck Scars

June 17th, 2010

Mini tummy tuck scars are smaller than those in a full tummy tuck. In mini tummy tuck surgery an incision will be created between the pubis and navel. This is a very small incision and leaves a small scar just above the bikini line. This scar is permanent but will eventually fade with time. Mini tummy tuck surgery is a relatively minor surgery. The surgery procedure and post surgery risks are similar to those in the full tummy tuck procedure. The only difference is that this scar is smaller than the one gained through the full tummy tuck surgery.

Mini tummy tuck scars are small scars, and like any other scar, will fade. This small scar is the main reason that people are considering this surgery over the full tummy tuck procedure. The only downfall is that the surgeon is the only one that can decide the type of surgery based on many factors of the patient. Only in a less complicated situation, will the mini tummy tuck surgery be considered. The type of tummy tuck surgery also depends on the individual health condition.

This information will all be provided to the individual prior to the surgery. For people that may be feeling like this scar is a constraint, tropical medications will be recommended. This tropical medication can also help in reducing the visibility of the scar but will not make it vanish completely. Tropical medications will only help to quickly fade the scar. This allows the scar’s presence to be not so noticeable. This may even be a relief from clear visibility for few individuals.

Mini tummy tuck scars are not dangerous and do not create any damage. Interested people are advised to speak with their surgeon prior to the surgery to create a plan for additional plastic surgeries to make the scar vanish completely. In most cases, this is not recommended by the surgeon but carries on the interest of individuals. Surprisingly, these additional plastic surgeries also fail to accomplish a completely vanished scar.

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