Partial Tummy Tuck

June 4th, 2010
The tummy tuck procedure is generally carried out in two forms. Standard or Full tummy tuck and Mini or Partial tummy tuck are those two different options. In the full tummy tuck procedure, the entire abdominal portion will be considered for correction, which is considered to be a major surgery. In a partial tummy tuck, just the lower portion of the abdomen will be considered for correction and comparatively, considered a minor surgery to the full tummy tuck. The surgeon and physician will decide the best option for each individual considering all health conditions.Partial tummy tucks consume less time on the operating table and are less expensive. This tummy tuck procedure is much simpler than a full tummy tuck and the recovery period after the surgery, is much shorter. Patients will be discharged from the hospital within a few hours following the surgery. This offers the best result in return. These satisfactory results are the main reason people have obtained such a high interest for it. This partial tummy tuck procedure is advised in the initial days of weight deposition on a person. This will help one to control major damages due to weight problems in the initial days.
A partial tummy tuck is not as extensive of a surgery as the standard tummy tuck or liposuction. The surgery involved is minor and the incision made for this surgery is smaller. In this procedure, a short incision will be made between the pubis and bellybutton. Through this incision, excess fat and loose saggy skin will be successfully removed. Tightening of the abdominal skin will also be done at the same time. Like the standard tummy tuck, local or general anesthesia is needed for this surgery . The patient will be sent home a few hours following the surgery, as this is less invasive surgery.
The partial tummy tuck will leave a small visible scar above the bikini line. The scar is permanent but will fade over time. This surgery will only be considered when an individual’s ideal body weight is within 10% . If it exceeds the 10%, then a standard tummy tuck will be recommended. This surgery is only ideal in addressing the abdominal portion below the navel. Another advantage to this surgery, is that the belly button will not be repositioned as it is in the standard procedure.



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