Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

June 28th, 2010

Pregnancy after tummy tucks are not advisable. All surgeons will advise their patients to maintain an ideal weight for a period of six months following the surgery. This should be properly adhered to for the safety of the individual. All surgeons will try passing on their knowledge to everyone that has undergone this surgery. This is most ideal way for the patient to permanently maintain the gained benefits from the tummy tuck procedure. Maintaining the weight is a vital part of the recovery and should be observed each and everyday.

Pregnancy after tummy tuck can cause later problems. The tummy tuck procedure will leave less skin to allow the stomach to stretch during pregnancy. The pregnancy will cause more stress on the skin and this usually goes beyond capacity of the skin. This situation again leads to stretch marks and more damage to the skin. The earlier surgery made your skin limited and at the same time it applies the same with abdominal muscles, too. In this situation, another pregnancy is some thing that should be avoided definitely keeping in mind the possible future issues.

Pregnancy after tummy tuck should be avoided, keeping in mind the surgeon’s post- surgery instructions. For this reason, it is usually advised that woman should only consider the tummy tuck procedure after they are finished having children. All woman should understand the surgery and strictly adhere to the surgeon’s instructions and suggestions. All information will be provided to each and every woman before and after the surgery. Failing to understand these instructions could result into further problems.

Pregnancy leads to stress on the skin and abdominal muscles. The resulting problems usually leads to the necessity for additional surgeries to fix the developed problems. Exposing the abdominal area to multiple invasive surgeries will result into scarring and few health hazards. Keeping in mind their future necessities, people should properly plan a tummy tuck procedure through a detailed discussion with the surgeon.

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