Recovery From Tummy Tuck

June 16th, 2010
Recovery from tummy tuck surgery is no big deal. Though this is a major surgery, some temporary post surgery risks are involved. These temporary risks can easily be controlled and proper healing will be successfully gained. The initial days of this recovery period will cause little discomforts at the abdominal area. Both sitting and standing will be a little troublesome to the patient but will return to normal within few days. Tummy tuck surgeons will take all necessary measures for a successful recovery.

Recovery from a tummy tuck procedure generally takes between two to six weeks. The patient’s health condition also plays a vital role in the recovery period. This recovery period is to ensure proper healing from the surgery and also to help accomplish successful results. All discomforts associated with the tummy tuck surgery will be controlled with the help of antibiotics. During the recovery period the surgeon will monitor the patient to ensure proper healing.

Tummy tuck recovery is simple and all post surgery risks will be controlled through antibiotics and topical medication. During this period, the patient is also susceptible to swelling, bruising and infection. These are a few of the main problems to be monitored by the surgeon. Topical medications usually work well against these problems. As soon as the swelling, bruising and infection are controlled, the recovery time is over. A few days of observation following the surgery and the surgeon can usually predict if other health issues may arise.

After the swelling vanishes, the results of the surgery can actually be seen by the patient. Proper care should be exercised during this recovery period. After the completion of recovery period, the patient should feel relief from the earlier discomforts that came along with being overweight. All patients will be eager to speed up the recovery period and see the final outcome. Always remember that the recovery period is the most important part of the tummy tuck procedure. Try to rest as much as possible and enjoy the results after the completion of the recovery period.


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