Thermage Tummy Tuck

June 21st, 2010
A thermage tummy tuck is a non surgical procedure. Since tummy tucks are a major surgery a thermage tummy tuck is considered an alternative. This type of surgery is perfect for people who are against invasive procedures. It is true that exercises and diet plans are always supposed to control body weight and dissolve the excess body fat; however there are a select number of people who see no results through exercises and diet plans. For these people a thermage tummy tuck, or any tummy tuck in general, is an appealing option.

Thermage tummy tuck is a laser procedure that many people world wide have benefited from. In this procedure laser heat is used to shrink the collagen fibers. There are no needles or cuts; the heat of the laser is enough to carry out the task. This is however a very slow process, while traditional tummy tucks are a one time operations, a thermage tummy tuck is only successful after numerous office visits and extensive treatment with the laser. Unfortunately this laser does not go with out leaving its mark; often its heat creates rashes and burns over the skin. While the idea of not being put under and cut open is appealing to some, this process has its down points as well.

While some have tried and liked the results of a Thermage tummy tuck, it is definitely not the tummy tuck of choice. Thermage tummy tucks are a very long process and controlling excess weight while going through this progression definitely is not an easy task to one who is already struggled with weight. Also, burns and rashes due to the heat from the laser will create added discomfort. These reasons are this procedures greatest down falls, steering many away from it all together.

A Thermage tummy tuck is an excellent choice to one who is looking for gradual results. Most would like to deal with the excess weight at a faster pace, not only for cosmetic reasons but for health reasons as well. When one takes into consideration the cons of a Thermage tummy tuck most choose to steer clear of it and opt for the traditional invasive tummy tucks. Traditional tummy tucks are quick, easy in comparison and have high success rate.



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