Tummy Tuck After C Section

July 4th, 2010

Tummy tucks after C section is not a problem and can be easily done. Some women will need to undergo a caesarean section or C section. Due to this procedure, a little scar will left just above the pubis. The tummy tuck procedure after C section will leave another scar along with the C section scar that was already created. This is the only thing you to know about the tummy tuck procedure following a caesarean. Everything else remaining, is common routine in this procedure.

A tummy tuck can generally be carried out after a C section but one should know before the procedure that ideal weight should be maintained for a minimum of six months. This will help the individual continue the tummy tuck benefits. This also indicates that future pregnancies should be avoided after tummy tuck surgery. This should be the patient’s main concern before having the tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy tucks after C section are advisable if that is the last pregnancy planned for the individual. Tummy tuck surgery creates a situation of limited skin and muscles for the abdominal portion. Any pregnancy after the tummy tuck procedure will lead to stress over the abdominal skin which can create future problems. Physically, this can be more dangerous to the skin if faced with a pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery. All surgeons will inform the patient of these details before and after the surgery. All patients should strictly adhere to these instructions.

Tummy tuck surgery is preferred on the disfigured condition of the abdominal portion. Generally, caesarean sections will damage the abdominal muscles to a major extent which will result into more sagging skin for the patient. This excess, sagging skin and stretch marks can be easily corrected through tummy tuck surgery but should only be considered after finished having children. After tummy tuck surgery, the skin will not be in position to face future pregnancies.

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