Tummy Tuck Complications in Detail

May 28th, 2010

 Tummy tuck surgery is always a best choice to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. Some complications are associated during and after to the surgery. In fact, all these complications are purely temporary and controlled easily through proper precautionary measures.

The following are the few resulting complications in tummy tuck surgery: 

  1. Blood clots are the major complication mainly results in this surgery. Many situations these blood clots can result into pulmonary embolus. This is a most dangerous complication and needs proper precautionary measures against to it.
  2. Swelling is another complication associated with tummy tuck surgery and generally this swelling lasts for two to six weeks after the surgery.
  3. Pain and discomfort are always associated with every surgery and tummy tuck procedure is not exception to it.
  4. Bruising to the abdominal portion after the surgery is commonly seen and proper medication can help as a great help for it.
  5. In some of the cases bleeding result in severe form and transfusion is the best choice for it.
  6. Infection is another severe complication associated with the tummy tuck surgery. Adherence to surgeon’s instructions is the best choice to avoid this infection situation in a patient.
  7. Some instances the stitches will create little complication and needs proper observation and immediate intimation to surgeon can control the complication.
  8. Most of the recovery period after the surgery will be experienced little numbness for the stomach portion.
  9. Seroma fluid collection beneath to the skin during recovery period is a severe complication and this should be intimated in time to the surgeon to avoid danger.
  10. Heavier to thinner scar will result at abdominal portion after the surgery.
  11. Belly button relocation during the surgery will result into odd and many times it may not be in the midline.

Tummy tuck complications are not a major problem and we have proper precautionary measures for them. All the complications can be handled easily through proper adherence to the instructions of the surgeon. Proper contact with the surgeon throughout the recovery period can help in avoiding this complication successfully. Proper medication and surgeon’s instructions are always best to avoid all the possible complications in tummy tuck procedure.

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