Tummy Tuck Drains

March 20th, 2011

After a tummy tuck procedure, keep in mind that the tummy tuck drains are very important to keep you safe and clean. After an operational procedure like a tummy tuck, it is very likely that there will be large amounts of blood, pus and other liquids discharged from the body. Your body does not need these elements and they will be flushed out with the help of tummy tuck drains.

These drains are small tubules that are attached to your stomach like a belt with the tubes. Their purpose is to suck out all toxins and possible residues from the body. The main job of these tummy tuck drains is to remove all body pus and liquids that may appear after the surgical operation. The amount of these liquids strongly depends on the person and the type of operation performed. These substances must be released from the body as they can cause major infection or high fevers for the patient.

Make sure to get specific instructions about the tummy tuck drains before your operation and have your doctor instruct you on the material. This is for your own benefit. This may also help you recuperate faster as it flushes out any dirt and toxins from the body. The tummy Tuck drains will stay attached to your body for about a week depending on how your body reacts to the procedure. It is extremely important that you clean the drains every 4 hours to ensure cleanliness and avoid any fish type smells that come from blood. Once the liquids have dried out completely, it is safe to have these drains removed.

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