Tummy Tuck Drains

June 22nd, 2010
The necessity of tummy tuck drains arises when seroma is present. The tummy tuck procedure is a plastic surgery used to remove excess body fats from beneath the skin. During this process, serum is secreted beneath the skin. This serum buildup sometimes gathers in reasonable quantities after surgery and this serum buildup is called seroma. This seroma will be controlled by the surgeon by inserting drain tubes which are often referred to as tummy tuck drains. This is not at all dangerous for the tummy tuck patient. It will be easily controlled through the drain tubes within few hours.
Tummy tuck drains are arranged with drain tubes to send the serum liquids out. For some patients, it is common practice for this to happen after the tummy tuck surgery, but others may never have to go through this. The tummy tuck surgeon will inform the patient about possible seroma issues prior to the surgery. Also, the surgeon will take all necessary measures in advance in hopes of avoiding this problem. Tummy tuck surgery always comes with a few post surgery risks and seroma is among them. Drain pipes are the best solution for this problem.

Tummy tuck drain pipes can be removed within a days following the surgery. Usually, surgeons can predict seroma in advance based on the patient’s health conditions. For this reason, most surgeons will make drain tube arrangements prior to the surgery. Seroma does not influence any adverse affects or side-effects on the individual. Serum secretion is a common thing that appears after the removal of fat from the bottom layers of the skin. Most patients do not experience this seroma problem in their tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck drains is an artificial arrangement and must be removed following the clearing of the serum secretion. This will be preceded carefully by the surgeon. Seroma is a very minor post surgery risk and it will not show any impact on post surgery infection, swelling or bruising.


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