Tummy Tuck Lipo

June 10th, 2010

Tummy tuck Lipo is a plastic surgery performed to correct the disfigured abdominal area. This is a combined surgery of both the tummy tuck procedure and liposuction. This is a great way to get rid of excess body fat from the stomach area to the maximum possible extent. This is a major plastic surgery that involves anesthesia. Post surgery risks and the recovery period are like any other surgery. Though the present trend is tummy tuck surgery, few people are interested in going with this combined procedure for the maximum result.Aging men and women, as well as women after pregnancy, generally experience a disfigured abdominal portion along with sagging skin and stretch marks. This combined tummy tuck Lipo surgery is a great option for correcting such problems. The results will be truly astonishing with flat stomachs, narrower waist lines and tighter skin. All of these amazing results are the reasons for choosing this costly procedure. Cost is no longer a constraint for people when comparing the discomforts experienced through excess weight and disfigured stomach. This surgery is the best choice for the best result.

Tummy tuck Lipo is a costly surgery. This surgery involves local or general anesthesia. Experienced plastic surgeons are quite essential for the success of this surgery. The results acquired through this surgery can be easily assured, as this is a combined effort to remove excess body fat. Like any other surgery the patient will need two to four weeks of recovery time. During this recovery period, there is a possible threat of post surgery complications like infection, swelling and bruising. These complications can be easily controlled through antibiotics.

Tummy tuck lipo is carried out in two phases. Initially, the tummy tuck procedure will be started by making two incisions near the pubis, from one hip to the other. Through these incisions, excess body fat removal will be carried out. At this particular time, liposuction will also be carried out to remove any further fat that was left. Through this combined process, all excess body fat will be removed and the skin will be stretched. The patient will now have tighter muscles, a flatter stomach and narrower waist line.

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