Tummy Tuck Procedures in Detail

May 26th, 2010
Tummy Tuck Procedures in Detail

Tummy Tuck Procedures in Detail

Tummy tuck procedure is nothing, but another kind of surgery for abdominal area. The whole disfigured abdominal area can be easily corrected through this surgery. This procedure is a best choice for women when experienced disfigured shape after pregnancy. Few men will also consider this after their gastric bypass surgeries. In medical terms this is also called as abdominoplasty.

This tummy tuck procedure normally carried out in two forms. One is Standard Tummy Tuck procedure and other is Mini Tummy Tuck procedure. In Standard procedure stomach’s middle and little lower portion abdomen will be considered for surgery. Whereas in Mini procedure surgery performed on the lower stomach portion.

Abdominal disfigure situations will rule the kind of surgery requirement for a person. Generally highly disfigured stomach situations will demand Standard procedure. In this whole excess fact and excess skin accumulated portions will be rectified properly. Standard procedure also involves tightening of muscles and skin at middle and lower portions of abdomen. Through this it restores the disfigured shape into proper way. Mini procedure is always advisable when the situation is less complex and little disfigured abdomen. Generally this will be carried for lower abdominal portion.

Tummy tuck procedures needs local anesthesia and performed by expert surgeon. There will be few post surgeries pains and these pains and side effects can be easily taken care through proper medication. Sometimes during surgery, there will be a chance of excess bleeding and these situations will be administered with the help of proper dosage with Epinephrine or Adrenaline. Nowadays these surgeries are considered less complex and latest surgical technologies made them simpler than earlier.

In every Tummy Tuck procedure after anesthesia, an incision will be made from one hip bone to the other. This separates the naval from the tissues around to it. Through second incision, a surgeon will separate naval totally from the surrounding tissues. Through this incision, skin flap will be lifted to expose tissues. Now, excess skin will be removed through this. Also, a new hole will be carved for belly button and sewed properly. After this, incisions will be closed by keeping an elastic dressing as support. Excess fluids will be drained off with the help of a temporary tube.

This is the way a tummy tuck surgery will take place for a male or female. A perfect systematic approach is needed throughout the surgery. This way success can be attributed to the procedure. A qualified and expert surgeon can do perfect justice to this tummy tuck procedure successfully.

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