Tummy Tuck~ Questions and Answers

June 2nd, 2010
What is this tummy tuck procedure all about?
The tummy tuck procedure is a plastic surgery. This procedure is considered a cosmetic surgery and the medical name is abdominoplasty. This is a major surgery with few complications and side effects. The procedure is performed to obtain a flat stomach, thinner waist line and tighter stomach muscles.

Who is suitable for this tummy tuck procedure?

Generally, people who suffer from weight problems and a disfigured abdominal area, are considered good candidates. It is true that these issues can be corrected through a controlled diet and exercise regime. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for everyone and the best option for them, will be tummy tuck surgery.

What is the tummy tuck procedure?

Tummy tuck is generally performed in one of two procedures. One is the Standard tummy tuck and other is Mini tummy tuck. The Standard tummy tuck is the best option for patients in which the entire stomach portion is disfigured and needing correction. The Mini tummy tuck is performed when only the lower stomach portion is needing to be corrected. Both procedures are safe, but the standard tummy tuck procedure is a little more expensive than a Mini tummy tuck.

Which part of body this tummy tuck procedure performed?

Tummy tuck is always performed at the abdominal area. The surgeon will make two incisions to remove excess body fat and skin from the area. This will create a flat stomach, along with a narrower waist line and tighter muscles. This surgery will leave a scar on the abdominal portion just above the bikini line. The scar will be in the shape of “U” or “W” and will eventually fade with time. The tummy tuck procedure is safe and the results are permanent.

What is the duration of the surgery?

Generally, the tummy tuck procedure takes a minimum of one hour, to a maximum of five hours. The actual time depends on the patient’s situation and health condition. The patient will be discharged after a few hours following the surgery. In rare cases, an overnight stay at hospital is required.

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