Tummy Tuck Seroma

June 20th, 2010
Tummy tuck seroma is not dangerous and can be controlled with drain tubes. Hematoma and seroma are the possible post surgery risks associated with tummy tuck procedures. During such times, surgeons are well-prepared to face these issues. Seroma is a more frequently appearing risk than hematoma. Seroma is a serum secreted beneath the skin and with reasonable quantities will result in a fluid buildup under the skin. Surgeons will arrange drain tubes to send this serum flow out of the body. Drain tubes cannot completely drain all serum liquids but a little serum is not dangerous and will not create any further complications.Tummy tuck seroma is a post surgery risk that must be controlled with the help of a surgeon. We all know that the tummy tuck procedure removes the fat beneath the layer of skin and during this process, serum will stagnate in excess quantities at the place that the fat is removed. The removal of this serum will be drained through drain pipes. Surgeons will usually explain seroma situations to the patient and advise them against worrying. This information is provided prior to the surgery so that the patient is not alarmed if it shall happen.
Tummy tuck seroma is not a dangerous risk. Many people assume that this creates a chance of infection at the place of surgery but this is a myth. Serum fluids are not capable of encouraging infection. Drain tubes or syringe will control this problem within a few hours after the surgery. Swelling and bruising also have nothing to do with serum fluid. This seroma affect has no adverse affect on the individual’s health condition either.

Tummy tuck seroma is very easy controlled. This condition can often be predicted by the surgeon prior to the surgery. These predictions will help plan all remedial measures for controlling this problem. Draining of the serum liquids should be completed within six hours and the healing process starts immediately following drainage. Surgeons always assure the best results for their patients in spite of seroma presence.

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