Tummy Tuck Swelling:

May 29th, 2010
Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery, is often considered complex and recovery periods are mostly very slow. Tummy tuck swelling is a major concern during the recovery period. Rest and surgeon instructions are vital after surgery. Like any other cosmetic surgery, recovery period is essential after the tummy tuck surgery. This recovery period will generally last two weeks to four weeks. Stitches will likely be healed within the first week following the surgery but you will still experience some swelling for a few additional weeks.
After surgery, bruising and swelling will refrain a patient from standing properly for a certain period of time. For this reason, tummy tucks swelling should be treated properly. If the swelling is treated properly, then your recovery period will be shorter. After the tummy tuck surgery, swelling and draining are normal. After the first seven days post surgery, drains will be eliminated and the dressing will be cleaned and replaced. During this period stitches also will be removed and the swelling will slowly subside.

Tummy tuck swelling will often cause quite a bit of discomfort to the patient. This swelling is the main reason that a patient is unable to stand or sit properly. Generally, tummy tuck surgeons will prescribe antibiotics for the swelling to ensure proper healing. Swelling control is always the first step towards proper healing of the surgery. For this reason tummy tuck physicians and surgeons will show more concern towards treating the swelling first. In most situations this will be controlled through prescriptions. If this swelling is not properly controlled, then it may cause other problems and concerns. This is a very important part of the recovery.

After the tummy tuck surgery, infection is another major possible risk to the patient. Infection will not allow the tummy tuck swelling to subside. Surgeons will take all the possible measures to avoid any infection after the surgery. Patients should always adhere to surgeon’s post-surgery instructions to ensure infection stays away. Also, these instructions will help the patient gain control over the tummy tuck swelling. Proper healing can only be attributed to the surgery if swelling and infection are properly controlled. A patient’s health conditions also play a major role in controlling swelling and infection after tummy tuck surgery.



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