Tummy Tuck with Hysterectomy

June 29th, 2010

Tummy tuck with hysterectomy is sometimes advised by the doctor. Hysterectomy is a surgery performed to remove a vital organ in females, the uterus. The removal of the uterus usually creates some side-effects as the essential hormones stop redeveloping in the female body. This usually leads to excessive weight gain in the abdominal area. The unexplained weight gain is due to hormone deficiency. This should be treated immediately as it may lead to further health complications in the future.

The tummy tuck with hysterectomy is performed like any other tummy tuck surgery. The tummy tuck surgeon will take all necessary measures for the success of the surgery. Here, the patient’s health conditions will play an extremely vital role. Close observation will be given towards personal health during and after the surgery. The hysterectomy surgery will already created some side-effects for the individual but those side-effects should not interfere with the tummy tuck surgery and it’s post surgery risks. This particular double procedure should be given extreme concern by every tummy tuck surgeon.

A tummy tuck with hysterectomy is almost always a success if proper attention is given. The major complications usually come with the side-effects of the hysterectomy and should be closely observed by the surgeon and physician. This is not a complicated surgery but more concern should be exercised, keeping in mind the hysterectomy. This surgery is like any other tummy tuck procedure and the recovery period should be properly observed. The recovery period also plays a vital role for the total healing of the individual.

A tummy tuck with hysterectomy should be a surgeon’s suggestion rather than an individual’s interest. The surgeon will have a clear understanding about the hysterectomy side-effects and suitability should be decided based on this. A good health condition is needed from the individual to gain success from the tummy tuck procedure. Wrong decisions can easily lead towards an extended recovery period as the post surgeries risks will take longer to heal. The tummy tuck procedure can offer amazing results after the hysterectomy.

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