Tummy Tucks

May 30th, 2010

Tummy tucks are medical, procedural, plastic surgeries. Generally, any surgery that corrects the body is considered to be cosmetic surgery. Like all other cosmetic surgeries, this too comes with some temporary side effects. It also requires local or general anesthesia. But, the benefits of the surgery will usually outweigh the possible side effects. Most cosmetic surgeries require a short recovery period but tummy tucks require more recovery time than any other cosmetic surgery. Generally this recovery period will last between two to four weeks.

All tummy tuck surgeries will correct the disfigured abdominal area which results in a thinner waist line. This surgery requires the surgeon to make two incisions in the abdominal area. Through these two incisions, excess body fat and skin will be removed. The entire process is not pleasant, but the results following this surgery will be truly remarkable.

The benefits of tummy tucks are tremendous. The troubled abdominal area will be completely shaped to perfection. The results gained through this surgery are permanent. You should maintain this regained shape through diet and exercise.

As mentioned above, this is a cosmetic surgery and requires time for a complete recovery. Surgeon’s instructions should be properly followed during this recovery period. After the first week, incisions will be healed and the stitches can be removed. You must keep in mind the sensitivity of the abdominal portion and its involvement while moving around. Because of this involvement while moving the body requires more rest than normal. Generally, the recovery period will last between two to four weeks.

After the tummy tucks procedure is performed and completely healed, diet control and exercise regime should be taken seriously. This will help control possible weight gain and also help maintain a slimmer abdominal area.






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